Alana Yorke:
With dream-like vocals and a minimalist piano style, Alana Yorke combines irresistible hooks and captivating rhythmic patterns to draw listeners into her hypnotic and beautiful world. Raised on mid-80’s synth-pop (Kate Bush, Gowan, Enya) and standing on the shoulders of musical visionaries from Philip Glass to Beach House, Yorke is poised to emerge as an exciting new voice in Canadian independent music.

Yorke’s debut album, Dream Magic, was mixed in Montreal with Arcade Fire’s engineer Mark Lawson and was released worldwide on Paper Bag Records October 30, 2015. Armed with a strong musical vision and unafraid of bold sonic choices, Yorke steers her music deftly between sparkly synth-pop, grand cinematic gestures, and stripped-down intimacy on this much-anticipated release.

Gianna Lauren:
Originally calling Alberta and Ontario home, this Halifax songstress has manufactured a sound that is anything but “just” singer-songwriter. Lush arrangements and restrained vocals create a haunting ambiance. Warm guitar tones, brooding melodies and remarkable tenor are the cornerstones of Lauren’s sound. Her songs are laced with themes of human behaviour and adaptation, and are delivered with thoughtful and charismatic performances.

Konig has been the on-going music project of Nadia Pacey since August 2013.
dark wave//dream pop//electronic//shoegaze

Doors will be at 8:00 PM
Music ends by 11:00 PM
$10 PWYC

The Artel is located at 75 Queen Street. It is the red and black house on the corner of Queen and Wellington. The venue is only accessible via the ramp on the left side of the house. The venue and its washroom are wheelchair accessible. The bathroom in the venue is single-use and gender neutral. We ask patrons to be respectful of the space and of one another.

Hi folks,

By now lots of folks in our local communities have found out that our landlords decided not to renew the lease at 205 Sydenham Street with the Artel collective. We were notified in January of their plans to renovate the 205 Sydenham house into two separate residential units.

After weeks and weeks of complex and conflicting emotions, we made moves to join forces with another rad group of people in town to score some new digs. We have since signed a lease with the folks at AKA Autonomous Social Centre and we moved in here this past week! It’s just a few short blocks away from the previous Artel location.

Here are some things that will change:

-the new space is zoned both commercial and residential

-the commercial space can be reached only through an accessible ramp

- the commercial space also features an accessible washroom!

-the commercial space, because it is commercial, is able to serve alcohol legally through permits with the LCBO

- the residential space only features five bedrooms

- some bedrooms in the residential space can be available for rental/subleasing as studio space!

- some bedrooms can be available for us to take on artists-in-residence!

The new address will be 75 Queen Street. It is the red house at the corner of Queen St. and Wellington St. just downtown. One block from the sleepless goat, in earshot of Sally’s (hella good rotis!), and walking distance to grocery stores, the LCBO, and the Wolfe Island ferry.

We’re sad. We’re also stoked. We’re also not dead.

We also want to invite folks to consider tenancy and or community membership with us! We’d love to have y’all as roommates and collaborators/co-conspirators in our efforts to make Kingston have the best wet hot Canadian summer (okay I’m American so I don’t know if that joke translates).

We <3 you all.

P.S. Our first show will be May 15th R.Ariel and some locals. Promotional materials to follow!


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This week, the Artel’s facebook group will be converted to a facebook page. We welcome all those who are a part of the facebook group to “like” the Artel page to stay up-to-date with upcoming events. In the next month or so, the old Artel facebook group will be deleted.

In other news, the Artel website will have a few changes happening this week.


Date of the fb page is TBA. Stay tuned for more information regarding the facebook page and website updates here or on our facebook group: