Vision Statement

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The Artel is a live-in artist-run gallery, venue and collective committed to fostering artistic growth by providing emerging artists with a supportive and stimulating environment. The Artel is an inclusive and safe space for community art production and facilitation. It fosters self-expression through a variety of mediums and opportunities for community and student initiated events. The Artel seeks to contribute to the development of a dynamic and diverse arts scene in the greater Kingston community. It does so by encouraging an open dialogue among artists, arts institutions and organizations as well as community groups and local organizations.


  • 205 Sydenham Street
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • Canada
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Gallery Hours

  • Thursday to Sunday 12pm-4pm
  • For special events or by chance



The current tenants of The Artel are: Heather Smith, Neven Lochhead, Matt Shultz, Haeleigh Miazga, Graham Juneau and Christine Dewancker.

Past tenants include: Kayla Grant, Faith Mousa, Hankeren, Blake Mac Farlane, Cecily Jane Taylor, Colin Leger, Michelle Fernandes, Aidan Vickery, Ebonnie Hollenbeck, Lara Greisman, Pam Stamoulis, Sarah Bebawy, Eric Zuuring, Rafaela Vidinha, Rebecca Soudant, Bill Weedmark, Isaac Gillis, Shizuka Aoki, Michael Davidge, Jessica Rovito, Stefan Duerst, Lisa Visser, Carla Henderson, Matt Kicul, Irina Skvortsova and Cameron Tomsett.

Collective Members

Mark Streeter, Irina Skvortsova, Emily Zeilke, Heather Smith, Neven Lochhead, Matt Shultz, Haeleigh Miazga, Graham Juneau, and Christine Dewancker

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Programming Mandate

The Artel seeks to support diversity within Kingston’s arts scene, and welcomes involvement from a range of artistic disciplines, approaches and interests.


The Artel encourages proposals from first-time exhibitors as well as from emerging artists and curators. The Artel accepts proposals from all artists from the Kingston area as well as from outside communities. The Artel welcomes proposals from individual artists and curators for solo or group exhibitions, performances, and projects.


The Artel encourages involvement from emerging musicians, independent promoters, and community-based activists and innovators. The Artel accepts proposals from the Kingston area as well as from outside communities. The Artel welcomes proposals from individuals and independent promoters for performances, concerts, focused events and projects.

Programming Policy

The Artel selects exhibitions and events by means of a screening process: proposals are reviewed by The Artel Committee according to clarity of intentions, and the degree to which the project addresses The Artel Vision and Programming Mandate (by appropriate section). The Artel considers high artistic merit to be as important as the support of artistic development for emerging artists. As such, the screening process does not compare proposals, and each is reviewed individually. The Artel does not take a percentage off the sale of an artist’s work. If you intend to sell your work, you are asked to display contact information and prices in a binder that may be kept in the gallery; we do not allow an artist to display prices in any highly visible location of the gallery.


Kingston is home to a large population of artists practicing in a variety of disciplines, each with different professional interests and related avenues for artistic achievement. At conception, the artists who came to form The Artel Collective were brought together by their shared experiences as locally-based emerging artists. This group of artists, from a variety of backgrounds and artistic disciplines found, through discussion, peer consultation and comparison to other Canadian communities, that there was a lack of support and avenue for success by emerging artists within the arts infrastructure available in Kingston. Since its founding in February 2006, The Artel Collective, and its base in The Artel building on Sydenham Street, has continued to provide a solution to this gap, resulting in a greater vibrancy and stability for the emerging artist community.

Rationale for The Artel Collective

The Artel collective and venue came into being as a direct result of the efforts of a group of emerging artists from Kingston, who sought council with others whose ambitions and interests included creative communion and production with other artists, outreach to the community, and general support for ‘art as a way of life’.

Artistic Purposes of The Artel Collective

The Artel believes that artistic partnership and collabortion provide the best support to the development of excellance in emerging artists, particularly where such efforts include the public presentation of artwork in the form of exhibitions and events. By welcoming the involvement of artists from multiple disciplines and levels of achievement, and presenting art for the purposes of interpretation and enjoyment by the community, The Artel fosters diversity and accessibility which helps create the best possible environment for artistic growth.

Kingston Community Speaks about The Artel

CFRC 101.9 FM, a local campus and community radio station, aired a spotlight on The Artel on their show Art Freak ( July 29, 2010). The 24 minute segment features interviews with tenant and writter Lara Greisman, playwright Breanne Oryschak, Artel attendant and former Founding member Benjamin Nelson, event attendant Scott Hansen, contributor Laura Kelly and promoter Mark Streeter. If you want to know what Artel sounds like, click on the audio below!

CFRC Interviews Artel.mp3

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