In The Grain - Art show by Anya Mielniczeck

“Reflections in Time” an exhibition by Peter Collins

Prologue: Select works from the fourth year BFA class

It’s Like That, But Not


Endangered - exhibition by Lise Melhorn-Boe

With This Land

17,989 compañeros

Versions 1,2,3

Exhibition submission - Call out to artists

Children’s Exhibit - Unpacking the Box.


Goble Goble - Concert!

BAD DAYS - A week-long Multimedia Symposium! & Call for Submissions

Seconds Sale!!!

Look it! Music! by Trevor Waurechen

Kingston Pride 2010 Presents - Pride Art Show

Fill in the Spaces

Collage Art Party



Sticks & Stones: Toys Without Commerce - Rebecca Soudant

Seeking artists for a collaborative project


Seeking artists for a collaborative project

Kate Sykes

Re-Collection - Andy Sims, Lee-Ann Taras, Bruce Kauffman

Fraser Radford

Every Stratified Thing on Earth: John Anderson and the ‘Kingston Tapes’ - Darryl Bank

UNDERFOOT - An Installation by Jeremy Mulder

Call for Proposals - Modern Fuel Artist Residency

Downtown: After Then and Before Later


Pride Art Show

The Rules of the Game

To Catch A Baby: The Community Midwives of Kingston

Exhibit: A wee Cob House and how to get there

Exhibit: Jewels and Binoculars

H-cubed: an exhibit of Heart, Hearth and Home

Love me! or Leave me alone

Exhibit: TODAY I LOST MY BAGPUSS BRACELET (Aly Ogasian & Amy Uyeda)

Skvortsova & Richka: Socialite


Skvortsova & Richka: Socialite

Living Sketchbook

Exhibit: en route. (Sharon Muilwyk)

Exhibit: M.P. Tully’s Vinyl Fantasy

Exhibit: Sand class-tles - planting in rows: an exhibition of school desks made of soil and sand (Rebecca Soudant)

Exhibit: Bats in our Belfry (Tenants of The Artel)

Exhibit/Residency: Isabel’s Antidote by artist Jessica MacCormack

Exhibit: Miracle-Grow (Gjen Snider)

Exhibit: Art with a Heart

Exhibit: Kingston Pride Art Show

Exhibit: Willing the Possible (Rebecca Soundant and Paul Merredew)

Exhibit: a very imperfect rendering (Lisa Visser)

Exhibit: Printed in Blood

Exhibit: Michael Davidge

Exhibit: 40×30 - An Exhibition of Young Kingston Artists

Exhibit: Cameron Tomsett

Exhibit: Don King and Zack Van Wager


Exhibit: ??PLAY?? (Maggie Hogan)

Exhibit: Wyrd Sisters Artel Installation (Caitlin Raftis)

Exhibit: Lofty Views (Jeremy Mulder)

Exhibit: Foolish (Drawings by Lindsay Fisher, installation by Katie Lyle)

Exhibit: The Art of Sérigraphie Populaire Screenprinting & Design Co. (Montréal, PQ)

Exhibit: Street Posters of Michael Comeau (Toronto, ON)

Exhibit: Printwork & Design by Benjamin Nelson

Exhibit: In-House - Lisa Visser, Jessica Rovito, Rebecca Soudant, Matt Kicul, Stefan Duerst, and Irina Skvortsova